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  • For your eye puffiness and dark circles concern. The Caviar Sublime Eye Balm includes Guarana Seed Extract containing caffeine proven to energize and de-puff eyes while brightening dark circles, German Chamomille with anti-inflammatory properties, Camelia Leaf Extract rich in polyphenos promoting health and quantity of collagen constricting blood vessels to diminish dark circles and Caviar Extract to infuse micro-elements to nurture the delicate eye area.

  • A luxurious multi-benefit balm that taps into caviar’s nourishing vitamin and mineral benefits to energize, moisturize, and soften lines in the skin.

    Anti-Oxidants, soothing natural emollients and the skin-recovery benefits of Centella Asiatica work beautifully together to smooth, hydrate and accelerate the repair process in the delicate eye area. It helps reduce puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles.

    15 ml – 0.5 fl.oz.

  • Caviar Extract provides a very high level of nutrition and hydration to the eye, it is an infusion of vitamins, amino acids and micro-elements, which help in diminishing lines and wrinkles.
    Epilobium Angustifolium (Rose Bay) Extract provides anti-aging benefits and helps with photo-protection. It is rich in tannins and flavonoids which protect the tissue from free radicals.
    Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract. German Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties to de-puff and brighten eyes.
    Thymus Vulgaris (Thyme) Leaf Extract hydrates and tones skin.
    Betula Alba Extract (Birth Extract) is anti-inflammatory and soothing, rich in vitamins B1, B1, A, C and E, works as an antioxidant.
    Paullinia Cupana (Guarana) Seed Extract. Guarana’s caffeine energizes and de-puffs eyes and brightens dark circles.
    Centella Asiatica increases synthesis of collagen and reduces inflammation giving skin elasticity and addresses photoaging.
    Bisabolol is extracted from Chamomile and provides anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties promoting the skin’s healing process and calming the skin.
    Algae Extract stimulates collagen synthesis giving skin elasticity and firmness while reducing lines and wrinkles.
    Camellia Leaf Extract (Green Tea) contains EGCG polyphenols which have strong antioxidant abilities, it is anti-inflammatory and promotes the health and quantity of collagen, giving skin firmness and elasticity. Green Tea shrinks the blood vessels under the skin reducing swelling and puffiness under the eyes. It also constricts blood vessels to eliminate dark circles.
    Allantoin increases the water in the extracellular matrix providing structural support to cells increasing skin smoothness and allowing for a gentle natural exfoliation.
    Ceramides supports the renewal of the skin’s natural protective layers and form an effective barrier against moisture loss.