A Specific Sequence 


Elixirs are arranged in a skin-transforming sequence to follow from Day 1 to Day 30.


A sequence is calculated through extensive research into each HCB DermaProfile™. Depending on skin's needs, a different sequence is assigned. A specific DermaProfile™ might benefit most by the intermittent infusion of anti-inflammatory actives alternated with collagen stimulating natural ingredients, therefore Elixirs would be arranged as so. Another DermaProfile™ might need deep vitamin nourishment but also need to shift with balancing and purifying actives ensuring skin doesn’t get too saturated and cause a reaction, so its Elixir sequence would reflect this.


There are many different Elixir patterns and scenarios tested by our skin specialists and our lab chemists in order to come up with the best sequence to follow for dramatic results. This works much in the same manner as how a chef follows a recipe; there’s a reason why certain ingredients come first, and why certain ingredients blend best at different points of the recipe.