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    The Tailored Beauty Ritual


    Experience an innovative and completely tailored ongoing 30-day Beauty Ritual personalized to your skin type, skincare goals, oil spectrum, lifestyle and sensitivity level. Through extensive dermatological research we developed a proprietary algorithm that allows us to create a Beauty Ritual addressing your unique needs. Each HCB Beauty Ritual is made in Barcelona.



    Tailored Beauty Ritual Includes:


    1 Collagen Tonic for your skin type (100 ml./3.4 fl.oz.)

    1 Moisturizer Supreme for your skin type (30ml./1.0 fl oz.)

    30 Elixirs 100% tailored for your specific needs (1.5 ml./0.05 fl.oz. each)

    Tailored Application Instructions


  • The HCB Beauty Ritual is tailored for your unique needs, therefore by design outcomes will vary. Our products are created to infuse the skin with powerful natural nutrients and actives; the most consistent praise we receive from customers worldwide includes:


    • Visible reduction in wrinkles

    • Significant pore reduction

    • More even skin tone

    • Softer skin and perfect level of hydration

    • Increased luminosity and radiance

    • Firmer, smoother skin on the neck

    • Overall healthier, more balanced, younger looking skin





Reveal Your Own Ageless Beauty


Undeniably noticeable results achievable through a fully customized beauty ritual personalized for skin type, lifestyle, oil spectrum, sensitivity level and more.
Extensive dermatological research along with 30 years of experience and proprietary technology development
allowed Haute Custom Beauty to segment skin into more than 800 HCB DermaProfiles™




We Assign a Tonic From Our Collagen Tonic Collection to Prepare a Perfect Canvas



30 Elixirs Hand-Selected From our Luxurious Elixir Collection





We Assign an Exquisite Moisturizer From our Supreme Collection to Restore a Radiant Glow