This ELIXIR is formulated to hydrate the skin, improve skin density and define facial contours. This ELIXIR uses Hamamelis from a North American tree to treat inflammation caused by environmental toxins and aggressors, as well as Horsetail Extract, an ancient species of plant native to Australia and New Zealand and dating back over one hundred million years. Horsetail extract is known as a “living fossil” and has one of the highest concentrations of minerals found and is known to provide strength and resilience to the skin. The advanced formula for this Elixir has an instant effect while also working overtime to firm, tighten and diminish lines and wrinkles.

  • Horsetail Extract promotes collagen formation, reduces depth of wrinkles and shrinks pores. It also lifts and tones skin by restoring elasticity and protecting it from free radical damage through its antioxidants.

    Hops Extract increases collagen and elastin levels improving skin structure overall.

    Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract acts upon the top layers of the skin for an immediate tightening effect. It also soothes and helps skin heal.

    Hamamelis Virginiana provides active oxygen-scavenging effects and protective activity against cell damage.